Portraiture is the best way to capture your memories of the present for the future. Our children, our parents and even our grandparents change so quickly that sometimes we do not notice - and it is happening right under our noses. There is no better way to record the innocence of childhood, the wisdom of age or the romance of your relationship than in a photograph that will allow you to look back and recapture those magic moments which otherwise would have slipped away unnoticed.

Gone are the days when having a portrait taken meant a formal atmosphere. At Gayat Al Ahlam Studio we believe portraiture should be fun and the images should be different. We invite parents to come in for a FREE consultation to help you design a look that suits your taste and the decoration in your home. From the beaches, to the country or our Studio, we Guarantee to create the look you want!


You might prefer a beach, by the river or your favourite park, Qatar has some wonderful locations and we would love to help you with designing a portrait that suits your lifestyle. A pre-consultation with your photographer before your portrait is a good idea. We can give you ideas on locations, tips on dress and accessories. This is a FREE service.